Private label, or contract production in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

For a company that has (only) an interesting idea for a new product, having a specialized and personalized machine park does not have to be a prerequisite for starting production. There are a lot of companies on the market offering their devices and qualified staff for rent to start contract production.

‘Private label’ is a great way to introduce a new product to the market: one entrepreneur has an idea and so-called know-how, second technical background and possibilities, and thanks to the combination of their forces, a very high quality product can be created, generating profit with the smallest possible contribution of both contractors. The contract manufacturer may at the same time continue to manufacture its own products, and delegate the rest of its machinery park to perform the contracts concluded and thus obtain a 100% utilization of its resources. His client, on the other hand, retains all rights to patents and trademarks without the need to make investments that could cause him too much loss before becoming profitable.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, which requires a lot of sacrifices from the entrepreneur, the contract production sector includes:
– the ability to diversify the revenue generated by development in many product categories,
– a chance to minimize costs by optimizing the production process,
– savings at every stage of production,
– professional consultancy in the field of production and technology and a full range of support at every stage of introducing a new product to the market.

The private label area is one of the departments that you will find at our trade show, and with it everything you need to start production. If the private label sector interests you, you have an idea for an innovative product or you have a professional background and are looking for companies to cooperate in the field of contract production, do not hesitate, consider the PCI Days 2020 Fair in your company’s calendar.

Dear Producer, if in addition to producing your own products, you offer contract production, it is necessary to remember the date 4-5 June 2020 and book a stand at the PCI Days 2020 Fair today!

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