Pharma & Cosmetic Industry Days 2019 – The first such Fair in Poland

The producers and suppliers who met during the premiere edition of the PCI Days fair in the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw are well aware of the importance of contact between entrepreneurs operating in the same industry. On May 15 and May 16, the attention of almost 1,300 visitors focused on 60 companies presenting their services and products.

Strolling between the stands, the guests were introduced to a whole range of offers dedicated to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry: there were producers and suppliers of packaging, raw materials, technology, production machines, laboratory and lab equipment and offering logistic and IT services, analytical and diagnostic, implementation or modern devices marking and labeling. An inspiring walk among creative positions undoubtedly resulted in many valuable knowledge and contractual possibilities.

Inspiration Zones full of passion

The Cosmetic Inspiration Zone and Pharmaceutical Inspiration Zone enjoyed enormous interest of all Visitors, in which fascinating lectures on various problems in the field of cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry took place. Substantially substantive occurrences one after another filled the time of the visitors and motivated them to further expand their theoretical knowledge and develop their passions in the field of both industries. The organizer decided to take a rather unusual procedure – he gave up the traditional publicity so that it would not interfere with conversations at trade fair stands. Instead, guests who would like to hear the lecture received a special headset, thanks to which they could completely focus on the Speaker and take a seat in the selected Inspiration Zone. Some of the lectures were so popular that the listeners simply did not fit into the zones. Undoubtedly, not only the choice of topics but also the profiles of the speakers were an influence on such a great success – often people who are absolute experts in their fields, long-term employees specializing in current trends and industry news, research workers who conduct research on their specialties.

Industry workshops

The PCI Days Fair had one more key place associating the visitor’s knowledge: in the first floor of the conference room located in the morning, a full of practical workshops took place. On Wednesday, the Buyers’ Panel, led by experts from Big Fish, opened the eyes to the intricacies of purchasing organization structures and pointed out the various roles that they can play in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. No one needs to be convinced that a properly built purchasing strategy is one of the keys to the success of the venture, however, it always presents many problems, regardless of the vast experience of marketing employees. Another aspect of the company’s strategy addressed in the Purchasing Panel is the unlikely topic of risk management; indispensable, although increasingly often overlooked and left to chance, which in the end may lead to serious consequences in the future of the enterprise.

On Thursday morning, in three panels together with Cleanproject specialists, visitors could learn about the rope of building a pharmaceutical plant with a cleanroom (ie a clean room). Workshops combining lectures and practical part carried out the Participants throughout the process of building a cleanroom and allowed to learn the methods of cleaning, cleaning and repairing the room elements. Cleanrooms are used in production in every field, where even the smallest impurities can affect the quality of the final product, in biotechnology plants or in the production of precision semiconductor devices. The use of clean rooms in pharmaceutical production is also an important standard and without any doubt affects the increasingly higher quality of products to the customer.

The PCI Days fair will come back

The PCI Days 2019 has guaranteed all guests a fantastic business atmosphere and a unique opportunity to learn about current trends in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Content Patrons: Big Fish Polska Sp. z o.o. and Curtis Health Caps Sp. z o.o. the fair turned out to be a straight shot straight into the demand of both industries and will undoubtedly see the next edition. The organizer – Farmacom Publishing House – also thanks for the help of the other 16 Patrons of the event, ie publishing houses, organizations and research institutes operating in the environment of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. We also cordially thank all the Speakers and Visitors – The PCI Days 2019 is due to your success in your presence and active participation.




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