16 12 2019
PCI Days 2020 Fair – get inspired!
The end of the calendar year is a time of summaries in companies, but also a time of planning activities for the following months: budgeting, creating production plans, promotions and sales.
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02 12 2019
Registration for the 2nd edition of the PCI Days 2020 Fair has begun!
Registration for the 2nd edition of the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry Trade Fairs has begun.
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02 09 2019
PCI Days Trade Fair – an event with potential
Next year, the next edition of PCI Days, the international B2B Supplier Trade Fair for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry, will take place.
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22 07 2019
Private label, or contract production in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
For a company that has (only) an interesting idea for a new product, having a specialized and personalized machine park does not have to be a prerequisite for starting production. There are a lot of companies on the market offering their devices and qualified staff for rent to start contract production.
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15 07 2019
B2B marketing – what is it and how to use it?
One of the most frequently used abbreviations in marketing is B2B, from Business to Business English. This means a business relationship between two business entities, that is companies, and therefore, for example, between the producer and the supplier.
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25 06 2019
PCI Days 2020 Trade Fair – a new location, more stands, even more merits!
PCI Days 2020 Trade Fair – a new location, more stands, even more merits! The premier edition of the PCI Days 2019 Fair is behind us! Encouraged by their enormous success, we are already inviting you to next year’s edition of the PCI Days 2020 Fair! The second edition of the Fair of Suppliers for...
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21 05 2019
Pharma & Cosmetic Industry Days 2019 – The first such Fair in Poland
The producers and suppliers who met during the premiere edition of the PCI Days fair in the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw are well aware of the importance of contact between entrepreneurs operating in the same industry. On 15 and 16 May, the attention of almost 1,300 visitors focused on 60 companies presenting their services and products.
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20 05 2019
PCI Days 2019 Trade Fair – Gallery
See our photo gallery
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22 03 2018
Premiere soon. We are counting down!
We have already started intensive organizational work on the fair for suppliers of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry – PCI Days 2019. For all participants of the fair – visitors and exhibitors – we are looking for the best solutions. We want our event to become a regular part of the schedule of industry events....
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