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Cos.Mec s.r.l.B.20
Cos.Mec is a leading Italian manufacturer of powder handling and granulation equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. We have been operating on international markets for nearly 30 years. All of Cos.Mec products are 100% made in Italy and they are manufactured directly by the company staff. As an Iso 9001 certified company, Cos.Mec guarantees that all equipment meet EC and cGMP standards. Our broad range of tailor-made equipment includes: bag emptying stations, vibrating sievers, hammer and cone mills, transport systems for powders, bins (IBCs), drums, mixers, High Shear Mixers, Fluid Bed Dryers, loading and unloading systems for HSMs and FBDs, granulators, turbulence screeners, bin mixers, “V” and bicone mixers, drum mixers, lifting columns, bin gravimetric unloading stations, washing stations, etc. Cos.Mec key assets are its professionalism, the high quality and safety of its solutions and materials in relation to their price and its effective technical assistance services.

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