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Discover PCI Days!

PCI Days 2019 are the first international B2B trade fairs on the market, dedicated to manufacturers, suppliers and businesses operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The trade fairs provide a platform for sharing information and experiences, constitute a unique opportunity to present products and services and to establish valuable business contacts with suppliers, manufacturers and specialists in both branches.  You cannot afford to miss it!

The event is organised by Farmacom – a publisher of industry related periodicals, host of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry conferences.

  • network with representatives from both branches
  • discover new trends, suppliers and market opportunities
  • participate in subject specific presentations and speeches
  • present your products and services to a rigorously profiled group of recipients
  • see what the competition has to offer and where you stand in terms of innovation
  • launch new products
  • consolidate relationships with your current customers and win new clients!

The fairs is getting closer. Check what's new!

11 04 2018
The Polish Association of Cosmetics and Detergent Industry became the media patron of PCI Days trade fairs!
05 04 2018
Welcome portal to the group of media patrons of the PCI Days 2019 trade fairs!
05 04 2018
The Packaging Polska magazine became the media patron of our trade fairs!
03 04 2018
The new media patron is already with us!

Patroni medialni